OWL 360 Specifications / Features

The Owl 360 is the first rechargeable, rear view camera and viewing screen that can be easily mounted to any bicycle. It provides the casual biker, enthusiast, or the professional bicycle rider with a greater sense of safety as they share the road with cars and trucks. The Owl 360 enhances your ability to see vehicles approach from behind and eliminates the constant need to turn your head and become unstable. To further enhance visibility for other vehicles on the road, the Owl 360 is equipped with ten light sensing flashing LEDs. With The Owl 360, you will have a better awareness of your surroundings at all times.

Owl 360 is The New Standard for Bicycle Safety!



See cars and other objects approaching from behind

Gain a better awareness of your surroundings

Eliminate the constant need to
turn your head while riding

Flashing red safety visibility LEDs automatically turn on when in low light


10+ Hours of use from a single charge

Weather-resistant  and rugged

Vibration protection

Easily cleaned, stored, and charged


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